February 2020

A vintage and rust stained Plymouth is parked near the intersection of Bath St. and Gillingham St. in the Bridesburg neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA, on February 28, 2020. (Bastiaan Slabbers for Keystone Crossroads)

In February I payed a visit to the most Northeastern part of the city to photograph the Bridgeburg neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA for WHYY’s Keystone Crossroads Embedded 2020 series.

Reuters send me to the Innovation Health & Design Lab at University of Delaware STAR Campus in Newark, Delaware to photograph graduate student Haobo Zhang working on his thesis on the challenge of designing transgender underwear.

The month ended with an announcement of representatives of Safehouse of an (tentative) opening of a supervised injection facility in South Philadelphia. A plan that ultimately ended up in the freezer after generating some backslash from local residents.

This Monthly Production gallery highlights a selection of impactful documentary and news photography stories captured by Philadelphia based Dutch photojournalist Bastiaan Slabbers.

Image license for (most of these) photos are available upon request or via the Wires & Stock menu found at the top. Visit Nurphoto, Getty Images, iStockPhoto and OOGImages to find the latest RM/RF images.

    Published by Bastiaan Slabbers

    Independent freelance photojournalist. Philadelphia, PA based Dutch citizen. Producing multimedia content for local, national outlets and wire services. Available for assignments in Greater Philadelphia area and abroad.

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