On Photographing Every Day Life’s Normal

As a photographer most of the time my lens is focussed on official gatherings.

Typically I document press conferences, people addressing a crowd, rallies, arts culture and sports events, and so on.

These events often appear to be designed to maximize the visual power of the moments. But with a certain level of choreography comes prediction and they often lack mundane spontaneity that one typically find when photographing Every Day Life in the public arena.

Before our lockdown, part of my job is to travel to and from locations around town. The camera ‘keeps rolling’ before, after or in-between my assignments. What was captured then are various slices of life, scenes of regular people going on with their lives.

These images were filed together with the assignment that I initially went out for but are not part of the story of that body of work.

It is never my goal in Street Photography to simply chase the so-called ‘Decisive Moment’ for ‘Art’s sake’. I rather present this set of images as ‘out of context’ documentations of things, people and places that somehow caught my eye when witnessing them that moment.

The images in this set were captured over several years in both the US and (for no particular reason) the Netherlands. I created a Board on Getty Images that I can add to as more come in later. For me this set is as a source of inspiration for the future when (if ever) things will return to the old normal. 

Perhaps they can even be a benchmark to see were we came from in the hope to better the things that need to change and keep those things that are great anyway.

Street Photography
Capturing moments in between other moments

(A Getty Images Board by Bastiaan Slabbers. All photos: Bastiaan Slabbers/Nurphoto or iStockPhoto. )

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Independent freelance photojournalist. Philadelphia, PA based Dutch citizen. Producing multimedia content for local, national outlets and wire services. Available for assignments in Greater Philadelphia area and abroad.

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